It might feel impossible, but you can eat well, move your body in a way you enjoy, and not completely loathe your reflection in the mirror…without ever needing to count carbs (or points or almonds) EVER again.

Say bye-bye to….

  • obsessively thinking about food ALL. DAY. LONG
  • hating your body, the way clothes look on your body, your body in pictures, etc. etc. etc.
  • binge eating all weekend
  • starting over on Monday, with a stomach ache and a new list of forbidden foods
  • watching your weight go up and down…and up again
  • knowing what you should be eating but not being able to stick with it
  • wondering why your appetite feels broken
  • eating right all day and then eating everything in sight all night
  • worrying about what all of this is doing to your health

And HELLO to…

  • burning all of your diet books - and those jeans that haven’t fit since 2001 - in a bonfire of epic and magical proportions;)
  • eating in a way that feels amazing, even though you have a super hectic schedule and hate meal planning
  • finding a way to feel good in your body, regardless of your health challenges
  • enjoying super delicious, previously off-limits, foods in a relaxed, pleasurable, moderate way
  • getting excited to get dressed up and go out to dinner - without needing to scour the menu ahead of time for safe foods
  • liking exercise (imagine?!)
  • managing totally inappropriate and infuriating conversations about weight and bodies - with style & grace
  • making sure that the horrible stories you were taught about your body, worth, and value are never passed on to your children (or favourite nieces and nephews)

The Signature 1:1 Program

Losing weight and eating better sounds so easy…

There are a million food plans and even more "experts" out there, happy to tell and sell their latest ideas on how to get healthy, lose weight, and feel fab.

And let's not forget your friends and family members...they always know the newest BEST thing you should be doing and how you should be doing it, right?

So why does it feel so frickin' hard for you?

Why do you keep "self-sabotaging"?

Why can't you figure this out?

(Course Coming Soon! Until then, email [email protected] to get started!)

Redefining Health

An anti-diet, weight-inclusive program

designed to help women

in their 30s, 40s, and 50s

STOP FIGHTING their bodies

& optimize their health as they age and change

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Professionals & Practitioners

An 8 week intensive for those looking to up-level their health and wellness practice to an anti-diet, weight-inclusive model.

This program launches in May 2021 - Learn more HERE and get on the waitlist HERE!